Sharing a true story about my husband here.

One morning, bright and early, just as he was leaving for work in the darkness of our bedroom he suffered an eye injury!

I said: “Hey don’t forget to kiss me goodbye”.  He leaned in and I accidentally scratched his sclera, the white outer layer of the eyeball, with my finger nail.  He was beside himself with pain in his eye and left for work.  I felt terrible and offered to help him with a homeopathic remedy.  He said: “No, I’ll be alright”.

Well later that night when he came back from work, he wasn’t looking so good. No pun intended.  Not only was his eye red and  tearing, he was unable to see from it. Oh my, I felt awful, and said: “It didn’t look this bad when it happened this morning”.

He said: “I know but I couldn’t handle it, so I went to see our medical doctor at lunch time who gave me cream to put on it, 4 times a day.” 

I said: “Really! How is that working for you? Are you sure you don’t want me to treat it?”  He replied:  “I don’t want you to touch it.”

I reminded him that homeopathy goes under the tongue and not on the area where you are injured.


Homeopathic Aconite to the rescue, one remedy later he was all better.


His eye was a little red but he could see clearly within 15 minutes of the homeopathic remedy. And he never needed any more homeopathic medicine for this eye injury.

Aconite is commonly known as “Arnica for the eye” in my circles.  As always, potency and posology are not given here, since homeopathy is specific to the individual as well as the injury.  For best healing results see a trained professional homeopathic practitioner.