Hello, I am Linda. 

Also known as Linda Fraser Waldmann, BSc, DSHM, FSHM, HOM, registered classically trained homeopath, practicing since 2009.

When you get a chance to meet me and talk to me about my profession you will see how passionate I am about homeopathy.  This transformative healing modality came into my life when I was raising my children and has changed the way we choose to stay healthy and heal.

Even with my passion for homeopathy and witnessing the powerful way it cured my daughter, it took me a long time to try homeopathy myself.  I waited until I was in second year of homeopathic college.  Being a highly sensitive person, I was afraid to death to try homeopathic healing. I told the homeopath about my sensitiveness, my experiences being treated by two naturopaths prior to this, and my whole case history.  She was able to administer my homeopathic remedy in water and 

I had the gentlest healing experience of my life. 

I too see sensitive people in practice and know exactly how to administer homeopathy to people like me.

Why I went to see a homeopath?

I was suffering from hormonal imbalances.  I would get waves of hormones coming from below that would flow up through my entire body.  I would become impatient, lose my temper with loved ones, and feel extreme anxiety and panic from time to time, especially when I felt under the gun to get things done or get somewhere on time with the kids.  I  had running in the nerves in my forearms while I laid in bed at night. I suffered from migraine headaches, I needed to wear orthotics, I suffered from extreme pain in the breasts during PMS.  I was afraid to stay alone, or go anywhere alone with my children.  I feared being attacked or robbed, since I had both of these experiences in my 20’s.  I was nervous and couldn’t drive in the city at all.

AFTER my first homeopathic prescription

I was calmer.  I had no head pain or migraines again, I didn’t experience PMS, I didn’t need orthotics, I was able to drive myself all over Toronto, I was able to stay alone with my children at our cottage,

I was stronger on the physical, mental and emotional planes.

Over the years I have needed a remedy or two from my homeopath dealing with: perimenopause, stress of moving, sciatic nerve pain induced by fear, grief from losing loved ones and gall bladder colic.

Every time homeopathy has healed my condition.


Homeopathy has never failed me yet and has left me and many others

symptom free for years

so that we could get on with

living a full life.

My Education

In 2009, I graduated from the the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine currently known as the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCMH), in Toronto, which is the only Canadian Homeopathic School accredited by the Accreditation Commission of Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA).  Here, I learnt the art and science of the application of classical homeopathy, along with anatomy, physiology, and pathology. I completed a post graduate fellowship programme at the same institution where I mastered homeopathic case taking and case management.  Having a Bachelor of Science degree from York University in biology and psychology really was a nice stepping stone for my homeopathic training and career. Especially since my focus in undergraduate studies included courses in botany, animals, phycology, cellular biology, anatomy, physiology, neuronal bases of behaviour, personalities, male and female relationships along with counseling and psychotherapy.  All things that come into play in practice for me on a daily basis.

My desire to learn, along with my complete love and fascination of the powerful healing that homeopathy displays, has me continue to take courses yearly with master homeopaths such as Dr. Jose Isaac professor of Kerala Homeopathic Medical College (Kerala, India), Kim Elia professor at CCHM in Toronto and in Japan (USA), Joseph Kellerstein professor at CCHM (Canada), Lisa Decandia professor at CCHM (Canada), and Dr. Farokh Master professor (Mumbai India) and others.  Not only to meet the requirements of the College of Homeopaths, or to keep my skills up to date.  It also gives me a chance to meet up with colleagues and share healed cases with them.

I am a full member in good standing with the College of Homeopaths in Ontario, since it’s inception in 2015.

Being a Franco-Ontarian I am pleased to offer you and your family my homeopathic services in French or English.

“Restoring health, in a rapid, gentle and permanent way.”

Samuel Hahnemann

Wondering if you can be helped with homeopathy?

 Take the time to book a free get to know you call with me. I offer 15 minute calls where you can talk to me about your health concerns.