Linda Fraser Waldmann

Homeopathy your pathway to health

Here you are at my website, most likely wondering what exactly it is I can do for you, your child or loved one.


Well it is really quite simple; homeopathy is the healing modality that came to our rescue when my 4 year old daughter ran into a health crisis.

She had just started school and developed a strange cough that would come on about 30 minutes after going to sleep at night. Then she would cough and gasp for air all night long, keeping me and my husband up.   Most nights, I slept on the floor beside her bed making sure she didn’t choke in her sleep. After 5 months of being ill, 3 rounds of antibiotics, blood tests, x-rays and other medical tests.  She was still sick and not getting better. I have to tell you I was beside myself. I was so worried for the welfare of my child that was now gasping for air at times during dinner, she was getting weaker, she was no longer able to run the length of a soccer field, she was losing weight and getting dark circles around her eyes.  I tried taking her off wheat and dairy since they were starting to show up in the media as allergens, but still she was ill.

I went to my yoga class and asked for a referral for a doctor from my instructor and she asked the whole class to give me input.  They all recommended Mary O’Reilly and homeopathy.  I read everything I could get my hands on about homeopathy before the appointment and

like you I thought if it is safe and all natural it should do no harm.

When I mentioned trying homeopathy to my husband, he shared his own story about homeopathy with me.  As a little boy in Germany, he had accompanied his mother on a visit to her homeopath and the homeopath took one look at him and said: “Get his kidneys checked out.  He has an issue with his kidneys.”  Sure enough my husband had 4 kidneys, he was given medication to turn off two of the kidneys and was fine.

So we gave homeopathy a try for our daughter, nothing else was working for her.

You can imagine my surprise after filling in all the paper work, sitting through a long intake, talking about everything under the sun about my child from her conception to her illness, then being sent home with a wee brown envelope with a few white homeopathic pellets in it.  I thought to myself what is this going to do?   Reluctantly, I followed the instructions, and I gave my daughter a remedy, one ridiculously tiny white pellet, as soon as she started to cough that night.  And that was it, she stopped coughing.  I couldn’t believe it. I barely slept for the next few nights, almost shocked, watching as my child was sleeping and breathing fine and it all happened with one little homeopathic remedy.

I wanted to learn more about this healing modality. I enrolled in Homeopathic college and became a classically trained homeopath.  I wanted to help people heal the way I knew only homeopathy could do.  

And for the record my daughter is now into adulthood and her asthmatic like conditions never ever have returned.

To learn more about my training and my own journey of healing using Homeopathy…

Homeopathy is such a transforming healing modality

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.’ Proverb

Illness effects the way you feel and the way you think.  When you are ill, the life you loved is put on hold or changed, you can’t go about your daily life, and you just want to give up.  Trust me, I’ve been there!  Then homeopathy comes to the rescue and the world is a place worth living again. You are in a new normal, feeling healthy and happy, perhaps even happier and healthier than ever before.

 Homeopathy has a way of bringing your body back to balance after an accident, injury, grief, loss or illness.  Being a classical homeopath, the application of homeopathic remedies is my expertise.